Licensing and Security Features at Top Online Casinos in the UK

Like online casino experts such as those at Casinosters will tell you, going for a site featuring a license from a reputable body is paramount. In addition, the site should be utilizing the latest security features to bar unauthorized parties and hackers from accessing the data stored on site.
Wondering how security and licensing works at top UK casinos? Here is an overview:

The UK is a Recognized Jurisdiction

Jurisdictions are regions in which the governments in place have instilled laws that authorize online casino operators to venture there. A good example is the UK, where gambling companies operate with the full legal support of the government.
In the UK, the UKGC is responsible for licensing each online casino. The body assumed full power in 2007, two years after the Gambling Act of 2005 got passed. To date, it has issued more than 3600 operating licenses to about 2600 gambling companies eager to venture into the UK. It is no wonder that virtually every casino operating in the UK brags a UKGC go-ahead. As you will come to see, a UKGC license or any other license is even one of the key fast payout casino features. Casinos wishing to have one must, however, tick certain boxes.

Licensing Requirements in the UK

A casino must satisfy certain requirements for it to be granted an operating license by the UKGC. These include:
Deposit protection
An operator must prove the ability to protect deposits accruing from customers.
Fair Games
The games offered by the operator must be fair. This usually means a willingness to feature games from reputable software providers in the lobby. A complaints submission procedure must also be in place to guarantee fairness.
Reputable owners
As you probably know from watching movies about casinos, the gambling industry is worth a lot of money. That being the case, the prospect of opening up one might appeal to the wrong people.
The UKGC is quite strict about who they grant a gambling license. They thoroughly investigate the owners to ensure that they are fit. The UKGC deems people with criminal records as unfit.
Problem Gambling
As well as listing fair games, the operator must be an advocate for responsible gambling. There must be measures in place to prevent addiction to gambling.
Underage Gambling
The UKGC has no tolerance for sites that would allow minors to gamble. Sites granted an operating license must carry out ID checks for every customer.

Security Features at Top Online Casinos in the UK

Top online casinos in the UK utilize several security methods to guarantee safety. The first is firewalls, which keep unwanted traffic out of the site. This way, the servers cannot be targeted by hackers and automated data-stealing codes. Secondly, the site employs the latest SSL encryption technologies, which establish encrypted connections in a fraction of a second. Third and finally, casino operators are required to carry out software testing from time to timer to expose any flaws.

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